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The Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics is an honorary service organization whose mission is to foster interdisciplinary relationships and cooperative education in the area of facial esthetics. Click here to learn more about the IADFE.

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IADFE Fellows are encouraged to develop networking relationships for mutual educational opportunities, effective patient referral, and improved interdisciplinary relationships.
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Welcome the IADFE New Fellows 2019

2018 Fellows G1 

  • Dr. James Arnold
  • Dr. Vincent Hau Yang Aw
  • Dr. Densen Cao
  • Dr. Frank Caputo
  • Dr. Andrew Chau
  • Dr. Lewis Chen
  • Dr. Andrew Yiu Cheng
  • Dr. Gloria Ching
  • Dr. Ri Yon Choi
  • Dr. Yo-Han Choi
  • Dr. Sharon Ngie Mien Chua
  • Dr. Manuel Cordero
  • Dr. Morris Wei-Shun Dong
  • Dr. Luke Dunn
  • Ms. Christa Lee Durrant
  • Dr. Gillian Elizabeth Edwards
  • Dr. Karin Elix
  • Dean Cecile Feldman
  • Dr. Doyle Fernandes
  • Dr. Kelly Fox-Galvagni
  • Dr. Andres Franco
  • Mr. Michael Friedman
  • Mr. Michael Gainsburg
  • Dr. Seby Gardens
  • Dr. Ishara Goonewardene
  • Dr. Dr. Marc Gottlieb
  • Dr. Erika Guerra
  • Dr. Benjamin Hargreave
  • Ms. Tennille Holt
  • Ms. Kay Huff
  • Ms. Leslie Icenogle
  • Dr. Evet Ishak
  • Dr. Cathy Jameson
  • Dr. Renuka Sanjay Jayaram
  • Dr. Colin Kanowitz
  • Dr. Natalya Karpman
  • Dr. Maher Kemmoona
  • Dr. Dean Sung Wook Kim
  • Dr. InHye Koo
  • Dr. Christos Krasadakis
  • Dr. Paiman Lalla
  • Dr. Paul Lee
  • Dr. Tanya Lee
  • Dr. Brenda Loh
  • Dr. Gordon McLean
  • Dr. Andrew Molloy
  • Dr. Peter Oliver
  • Dr. Andrew Kofi Osafo
  • Dr. Rodney O’Sullivan
  • Dr. Carl Pan
  • Dr. George Allan Patience
  • Dr. Saul Pressner
  • Ms. Penny Reed
  • Dr. Peter Rinaldi III
  • Dr. Miriam Robbins
  • Dr. Amilkar Rocha-Aguila
  • Dr. Keyi Lu
  • Dr. Peter Oliver
  • Dr. Hana Ryu
  • Dr. Salem Khalil Salem
  • Dr. Alvin Eow Wen Shee
  • Dr. Roy Shelburne
  • Mr. Jeff Sheppard
  • Dr. Vishnu Sivakumar
  • Dr. Lindsay Singham Smith
  • Dr. Jae Sik Son
  • Dr. Gautam Sridhar
  • Dr. Colin Suzman
  • Dr. Helen Tang
  • Dr. Timothy Topalov
  • Dr. Amir Toroghi
  • Dr. Michael Turner
  • Dr. Josep Ustrell
  • Dr. Sarah Varma
  • Dr. Jessica Waller
  • Dr. Eric Wang
  • Ms. Dana Watson
  • Dr. Jocelin Wen
  • Dr. Andrea Westerhout
  • Dr. Jessica Wong
  • Dr. Seng-Mun Simon Wong
  • Dr. Jamie Workman
  • Dr. Dave Xavier
  • Mr. Ichi Yamada
  • Dr. Monda Mounir Younan

2018 Fellows 

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