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The Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics is an honorary service organization whose mission is to foster interdisciplinary relationships and cooperative education in the area of facial esthetics. Click here to learn more about the IADFE.

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IADFE Fellows are encouraged to develop networking relationships for mutual educational opportunities, effective patient referral, and improved interdisciplinary relationships.
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Welcome the IADFE New Fellows 2016


  • Dr. Muhsen Mohammad H. Alnasser
  • Dr. Oscar Arauco-Urzagaste
  • Mr. Robert Brenneise
  • Ms. Jayne Cahill
  • Dr. Kristina Cain
  • Dr. Adriana Castaneda-Carpio
  • Dr. Michael Chan
  • Dr. Mitchell Charnas
  • Dr. William Cheung
  • Dr. Giulia D’Anna
  • Dr. Christopher Dimos
  • Dr. Philemon Dordoe
  • Dr. Mohamed Elfar
  • Dr. David Evans
  • Ms. Julie Garceau RDH
  • Dr. Marc Geissberger
  • Dr. Anas Mohammad Hussein Ghawanmeh
  • Dr. Jonathan Gorman
  • Dr. Arash Hakhamian
  • Dr. Mohamed Harunani
  • Dr. Saif Hayek
  • Dr. Henrik-Christian Hollay
  • Dr. Howard Hopenwasser
  • Dr. David Hornbrook
  • Dr. Kenneth Judy
  • Dr. Kenneth Lee
  • Dr. Youngsun Lee
  • Dr. Seppo Lindroos
  • Dr. Kenneth Magid
  • Dr. Philip Makepeace
  • Dr. Linda Massod
  • Dr. Rafael Mejicano-Diaz
  • Dr. Moacyr Ely Menéndez-Castillero
  • Dr. Grace Navaratarajah
  • Dr. Linhlan Nguyen
  • Ms. Barbara Nordquist
  • Dr. Pablo Hermán Palmieri
  • Dr. Francine Pryce
  • Dr. Vasant Ramlaggan
  • Dr. Jack Ringer
  • Mr. Mark Rotsaert
  • Dr. Harminder Singh
  • Dr. Kellee Stanton
  • Dr. Clarence Tam
  • Dr. Isaac Tawil
  • Dr. Ira Zinner


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